“One of the most intriguing Dutch records of the year.”

 Musicmaker Magazine


“Zorita has matured as a band with an unique sound: great songs, arranged by eight musicians with a surplus in taste and imagination.”



“Sleek, thoughtful, emotional, carefully crafted – this is top shelf indie-pop. Highly recommended.”

Independent Clauses



“Terrifyingly impressive!”



Our new album ‘Aphrodite’ is out now! You can buy it directly through our record label Dox Records. Our music is also available on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Apple Music. We're also planning a release on vinyl, you can pre-order here.


Zorita are a raucous rousing rabble. The band’s bohemian music boasts an eclectic mix of instruments like organs, synths, trumpet and violin. In combination with bass, drums and guitars, as well as frontman Carlos Zorita Diaz’ raw voice, this creates a completely unique sound. Blending influences from around the world into catchy pop songs, an evening with Zorita is guaranteed to breathe life into any party.

Zorita band picture


Want to see Zorita live? Find our upcoming shows here or browse through our tour history. See you soon!

Zorita band picture